Whitaker Embryo Repro Service

We offer In-House Repro Services for IVF Aspirations, Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing, and Donor Housing. We also offer On-Farm Repro Services for Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing, Conventional Embryo Transfer, and IVF Fresh Transfers. Reverse Sorting Conventional Semen is also available. We are a PWP with Trans Ova for Oocytes fertilizations. Our Embryologist Dale Whitaker has over 35 years of experience performing bovine reproduction.  

IVF Barn

In-House Repro Services

  • - IVF Aspirations
  • - Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing
  • - Donor Housing (Conventional & IVF)

On-Farm Repro Services

  • - Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing
  • - Conventional Embryo Transfer
  • - IVF Fresh Transfers
  • - Fetal Sexing

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For Conventional On-Farm Service we recommend booking 60 days in advance. 


Our IVF In-House Repro Services are first come first serve.  We recommend booking IVF services 14 days in advance.


IVF Facility

What Our Clients Say?

Dale is the baddest embryologist on the face of the earth.  I saw a blastula under his scope one day that could have walked out into the barn, climbed a recipient's tail, and implanted itself in that super vascular tissue within.  He just know how to grow em.  Some would say that my friend Dale is zygotic. I say that Dale Whitaker is the King of the embryonic universe!

Darryl Worley


I believe Dale is a great Embryologist because he is very passionate about his work.  That's why I have continued doing business with Dale.  He is just dang good at what he does.

David Knighton

TPC Angus

We have been working with Whitaker Embryo Repro Service for several years now, and because of them, we have been able to improve our Red Angus genetics exponentially year after year.  Dale is always professional, courteous, and excellent, and he gives valued advise on how to achieve the best concept rates possible.

Erin Vowell

Sandridge Land and Cattle

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