We offer In-House Repro Services for IVF Aspirations, Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing, and Donor Housing. We also offer On-Farm Repro Services for Conventional Embryo Collection & Freezing, Conventional Embryo Transfer, and IVF Fresh Transfers. Reverse Sorting Conventional Semen is also available. We are a PWP with Trans Ova for Oocytes fertilizations.

Our Embryologist Dale Whitaker has over 35 years of experience performing bovine reproduction.  He has been an AETA member since 1990 and provides Embryo Transfer service in the US as well as abroad. Dale is also an instructor at the International Embryo Technolgy School where he teaches Bovine Embryo Transfer & OPU/IVF.

The IVF Facility is located at:
792 County Road 366
Thayer, MO 65791

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